Marketing Your Property

Our goal is to create a marketing strategy for your property that efficiently attracts Buyers to your property to gain the best possible result for you, our client. 

 Local Knowledge:

Used to embellish the attributes that have attracted people to our area; peaceful acreage living, close enough to infrastructure but far enough from the hustle and bustle, private beaches and northerly ocean views, a relaxed yet prestige lifestyle.

Tarket Marketing:

We target our marketing toward the idenifying potential buyers for individual properties.

Internet Research:

Most buyers, having made the decision to live in a particular area will then search the internet for suitable properties.  We strive to differentiate the way in which we present properties on the internet to get the best response.  Press and other forms of advertising may be recommended, but only when appropriate.

Planned Campaign:

We set our a comprehensive marketing campaign for our clients so that they know what we will be doing and when.

1) Experience in the Real Estate Business

Experienced Agents with currently over 60 years (combined) in the industry.

2) Have a nigh number of the best listings

3) Promotion / profile / signboards

Google positioning

Seasonal Promotions

Open Houses pointer signs

Prominent signboards

If there is a buyer around, they'll be talking to us

4) Live in the Dundowran Beach - can talk of benefits

We know what to sell about the area

5) Can explain why so many homes in the area "For Sale"

We know how to answer the obvious question - why so many for sale?

6) Follow up database of buyers

Build up over time

From Open Homes, Internet enquiry, eBook subscriptions

We stay in touch

7) Website - google positioning

Top of search engines;